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Coming soon: ‘even if the signal fails’ by Jill Jones

Jill Jones - even if the signal fails (web cover)

Black Rider presents the fifth installment in the Lyrics chapbook series, even if the signal fails by Jill Jones.

Featuring new work as well as previously collected poems in publications such as Outcrop: radical Australian poetry of land (Black Rider Press, 2013), ETZ, and Southerly, this new chapbook of seventeen poems will be free to download from the Black Rider Press website.

Jill Jones has published eight full-length books of poetry, most recently The Beautiful Anxiety (Puncher and Wattman, 2014) and Ash Is Here, So Are Stars (Walleah Press, 2012).

Thanks to Annette Willis for the beautiful cover art “Heads in Clouds”.

What others have said 

“Jill Jones is uniquely capable of adjusting the speed and magnitude of your awareness. She shepherds the reader away from expectations s/he may have thought absolute. In “A Moon, a Myth, a Feeler,” Jones recasts sensory perception out of zones of occupation, prompting a natural question, “What sport brought you out here?”. Her casual/causal irony demands precision of thought. Even accidents cease being accidental. Jones’s prowess renders the titular signal moot, replacing it with full belief in a transcendence that relieves the concept of itself.” – Sheila E. Murphy

“The precise and provocative poems collected in even if the signal fails deconstruct the binary opposition between realism and experimentalism effortlessly, presenting the reader with a complex and compelling take on modern life. Jill Jones’ poems are undeniably of our world, of its gritty materiality and linguistic sophistication, but they are far more refractive than reflective. She is both an acute observer of the world of things and an active participant in transforming our perceptions through words. According to the poems in this fascinating new chapbook, she seeks to ‘mend constructed things’ and ‘find truth among tension’. Even if the signal fails is a terrific new addition to this important contemporary poet’s body of work.” – Ali Alizadeh


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Invitation to launch of Matthew Hall’s Hyaline

Hyaline Launch invite

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March 15, 2013 · 4:37 pm

Pre-sale offer coming soon: Matthew Hall’s debut poetry collection ‘Hyaline’

Black Rider Press is proud to announce the forthcoming release of Matthew Hall’s debut poetry collection ‘Hyaline’.
‘Hyaline’ contains multitudes. It’s a poetical framework for ecological codices. It’s a guidebook for the ephemeral and the interminable. It’s an opuscule for the radical pastoral.
Matthew Hall is a doctoral candidate writing on J.H. Prynne and Violence at the University of Western Australia. He is the author of ‘Royal Jelly’ (Black Rider Press), ‘Distant Songs’ (Sea Pressed Meta), amongst others. His poetry, prose and criticism appear in journals around the world. He is a Visiting Academic Fellow at the University of Saskatchewan, and the Features Editor at Cordite Poetry Review.

“These are investigative poems that speak in a language of affection and pain, of beauty and trauma. Matthew Hall offers us a manifesto that declares its ecological and ontological concerns, and offers poetry as a possible healing. With great lyrical strength and deep but subtle knowledge, Hall’s poems act as tools for the reader to see and hear further through layer after layer of living tissue. Hall isn’t arriving as a poet, he has arrived. This is a work that offers a bridge between different cultures, geographies, and societies of poetry.”

– John Kinsella, Poet

“This is a witness forming a mark, words shrouded in a measure of growth. Familiar likenesses become motives of ritual.”

– Peter Larkin, Poet, Literature Librarian at the University of Warwick UK

“Matthew Hall’s ‘edicts of landscape’ are ranged against the attenuated ecologies and procedural rationales of a poetry elsewhere too comfortable with the task of assuagement.”
– Louis Armand, Poet, Director of the Centre for Critical and Cultural Theory, Charles University, Prague 
‘Hyaline’ will be available at a discounted pre-sale price of A$15 for three weeks only. After 1 March 2013, the book will cost A$20.


For A$30 you you will also be able to bundle ‘Hyaline’ at its pre-sale price with a limited print edition of Matthew Hall’s chapbook ‘Royal Jelly’, previously only available as ebook.

For A$40 you will be able to bundle ‘Hyaline’ at its pre-sale price with a limited print edition of ‘Royal Jelly’ and a copy of ‘forward slash’, a Black Rider collage of Australian and Canadian innovation featuring poetry by Duncan Hose, Michael Farrell, a.rawlings, Louis Armand, Kemeny Babineau, Astrid Lorange and Jay MillAr.
How to take advantage of this pre-sale offer will be available in the coming days.

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‘enjambment sisters present’ by Michael Farrell – out now

Michael Farrell - enjambment sisters present cover

On the last day of 2012 Black Rider Press is proud to announce the release of enjambment sisters present, a new chapbook by Michael Farrell.

You can download the e-chapbook for free from the Black Rider Press website.

Farrell’s enjambment sisters present is a brilliant plaything, it is lithe and agile, it turns and twists and jumps across the room, finally falling in a writhing heap on the rug. It contains all the joys and “sounds [of] the nest”. Reading it will put the melody in you. – Matthew Hall

For M. Hall’s full essay, read the Black Rider Lines post

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Black Rider presents The Diamond and the Thief 23

Artwork my Matt Maust

Artwork my Matt Maust

…and now on to edition 23 of our minizine, with all the history of luminous motion.

In this edition Toby Fitch inspects the reach of living daylights, David Lynn Clucas reads back, and Levin A. Diatschenko descends down into the secret order of the gaol library.

Look homeward, angels!

The Black Rider

The Diamond & the Thief Edition 23

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Black Rider Podcast 08 – Mixed by blkrdr

Artwork by Matt Maust

…and then the eighth instalment of the Black Rider Podcast, a label mix of Perth’s TwiceRemoved Records as soundtrack to our nightly reading and morning train ride to work.

TwiceRemoved Records started toward the end of 2011 and in its first year already has an impressive release list with many to follow still in the remainder of 2012, including a new sub-label. TwiceRemoved is close to our hearts – putting out albums that are meaningful and valuable. This is the good stuff, friends!

Run by a total sweetheart, TwiceRemoved is a label which promotes art created by total sweethearts. Plus one of our fave local bands (These Ship Wrecks) has a beautiful album on TwiceRemoved.

Book-ended by recordings of poems by Sydney’s Astrid Lorange, this podcast showcases TwiceRemoved’s first seven releases and travels through ambient to drone to glitch to noise and back again through everything in between.

Now on with the sound of the Black Rider.

You can download or stream the podcast here. Tracklist and label stockists are below the player.


  1. Astrid Lorange – Lobe (The Sound of the Black Rider, 2012)
  2. Cycle~ 440 – Rumination (TwiceRemoved Records, 2012)
  3. Ryonkt – Troposphere Six (TwiceRemoved Records, 2012)
  4. K.Wilson – Otherworld (TwiceRemoved Records, 2012)
  5. Listening Mirror – Storm Train (TwiceRemoved Records, 2012)
  6. K.Wilson – Cove (TwiceRemoved Records, 2012)
  7. Ryonkt – Troposphere Three (TwiceRemoved Records, 2012)
  8. Craig McElhinney – Sore Loser (TwiceRemoved Records, 2011)
  9. These Ship Wrecks – Sun Scorchin’ (TwiceRemoved Records, 2012)
  10. These Ship Wrecks – Marching Song (TwiceRemoved Records, 2012)
  11. Ryonkt – Troposphere Five (TwiceRemoved Records, 2012)
  12. Cycle~ 440 – Figures of Decay (TwiceRemoved Records, 2012)
  13. Astrid Lorange – Tiny Living Mirrors (The Sound of the Black Rider, 2012)

TwiceRemoved Records can be connected with on:

Stockists include:


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forward slash launch in Melbourne

forward slash will be launched by Corey Wakeling and will feature readings by contributors Michael Farrell and Duncan Hose. The launch is part of The Poetry Symposium 2012, this year titled The Political Imagination: Contemporary Postcolonial and Diasporic Poetries.

The Political Imagination is a symposium that brings together some of Australia’s leading poets and poetry scholars to investigate the state of contemporary postcolonial and diasporic poetries. It aims to explore the contentious, at times controversial, issues surrounding the production and discussion of poetry and poetics in work that engages with the politics of the postcolonial, the transnational and the diasporic.

Edited by Matthew Hall and Jeremy Balius, the first edition features:

Duncan Hose
Michael Farrell
Louis Armand
Kemeny Babineau
Astrid Lorange
Jay MillAr

“In showcasing seven of the most exciting writers either side of the Pacific, this collection demonstrates just how strikingly resonant Australian and Canadian contemporary poetries are in challenging pretexts of language, nation, and the interior.  Here we have undressed affect, meddlesome crossings of intimate and ideological landscapes, and ebullient spurs against aesthetic and political complacency.  It is, in short, redactive iridescence.” – Ann Vickery

Volumes of forward slash will be available for purchase at the event for 10 smackers.

Thanks to Ann, Ali, Lyn and Corey for making this happen.

When: 4:30pm, Thursday 12 April 2012
Where: Deakin Prime, Level 3, 550 Bourke Street, Melbourne

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