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The Sound of the Black Rider presents ‘My Soul Cried the Spaceman’ as read by Levin A. Diatschenko

In 2012 Black Rider Press published the speculative fiction novel My Soul Cried the Spaceman by Levin A. Diatschenko.

One chapter at a time, the Sound of the Black Rider will release an audio book of Levin reading his novel.

Download or stream the prologue of My Soul Cried the Spaceman below. You can buy the ebook on iTunes, Kindle Store and may other stores. Here’s a review.

About Levin A. Diatschenko

Levin A. Diatschenko was born in Sydney, and raised in Alice Springs. Though he has lived in most major cities in Australia, he resides in Darwin.

Arnold Zable called him ‘The Kafka of the Outback’. Rak Razam called him ‘The suburban Borges’.

His work has been referred to variously as magical realism, hard-boiled Surrealism, and mystic fable.

Since 2004 Levin has published three novels: The Man Who Never Sleeps, Meta-Detective and The Rooftop Sutras, which was shortlisted for the ‘Northern Territory Book of The Year Award’ in 2010. Levin also produces and edits an independent magazine called The Veil, which is devoted to philosophy, theosophy, mysticism and occultism.

Levin has written one play, Darwin Vs. Matilda; The True History of Australia’s Northern Frontier, which featured in The Darwin Festival, and for a season at the Darwin Entertainment Center. Sometimes he plays guitar and sings for a band called Flugendorf.

Levin Diatschenko


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Black Rider Podcast 08 – Mixed by blkrdr

Artwork by Matt Maust

…and then the eighth instalment of the Black Rider Podcast, a label mix of Perth’s TwiceRemoved Records as soundtrack to our nightly reading and morning train ride to work.

TwiceRemoved Records started toward the end of 2011 and in its first year already has an impressive release list with many to follow still in the remainder of 2012, including a new sub-label. TwiceRemoved is close to our hearts – putting out albums that are meaningful and valuable. This is the good stuff, friends!

Run by a total sweetheart, TwiceRemoved is a label which promotes art created by total sweethearts. Plus one of our fave local bands (These Ship Wrecks) has a beautiful album on TwiceRemoved.

Book-ended by recordings of poems by Sydney’s Astrid Lorange, this podcast showcases TwiceRemoved’s first seven releases and travels through ambient to drone to glitch to noise and back again through everything in between.

Now on with the sound of the Black Rider.

You can download or stream the podcast here. Tracklist and label stockists are below the player.


  1. Astrid Lorange – Lobe (The Sound of the Black Rider, 2012)
  2. Cycle~ 440 – Rumination (TwiceRemoved Records, 2012)
  3. Ryonkt – Troposphere Six (TwiceRemoved Records, 2012)
  4. K.Wilson – Otherworld (TwiceRemoved Records, 2012)
  5. Listening Mirror – Storm Train (TwiceRemoved Records, 2012)
  6. K.Wilson – Cove (TwiceRemoved Records, 2012)
  7. Ryonkt – Troposphere Three (TwiceRemoved Records, 2012)
  8. Craig McElhinney – Sore Loser (TwiceRemoved Records, 2011)
  9. These Ship Wrecks – Sun Scorchin’ (TwiceRemoved Records, 2012)
  10. These Ship Wrecks – Marching Song (TwiceRemoved Records, 2012)
  11. Ryonkt – Troposphere Five (TwiceRemoved Records, 2012)
  12. Cycle~ 440 – Figures of Decay (TwiceRemoved Records, 2012)
  13. Astrid Lorange – Tiny Living Mirrors (The Sound of the Black Rider, 2012)

TwiceRemoved Records can be connected with on:

Stockists include:


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Black Rider Podcast 07 – Mixed by Ersha

… and then the seventh instalment of the Black Rider Podcast, a special soundtrack mixed by Ersha.

Ersha is Tadas Maksimovas, a music producer and live sound sculptor from Lithuania.

His music is distinguished for its wide-as-mist atmospheres which sink in perpetual echo of consonance. Combining field recordings, synthesizers, playful effects, cinematic sound fragments and vocals, Ersha’s music vibrates like a space language.

Book-ended by two spoken word recordings by Melbourne’s Corey Wakeling, Ersha’s edition of the podcast is a journey through various kinds of ambient, including unreleased tracks and remixes by Ersha himself.

Now on with the sound of the Black Rider.

You can download or stream Ersha’s mix here. Tracklist is below the player.

01. Corey Wakeling – The Percussion of Patience [The Sound of the Black Rider, 2012]
02. Ersha – Sence [Unreleased]
03. Listening Mirror ft. Birds Of Passage – Silent Night [Hibernate Records, 2011]
04. Port-Royal – Ernst Bloch [n5MD, 2011]
05. The Picturesque Episodes – Tokyo Pulse [Hope For Japan, 2011]
06. Leila – In Consideration (feat. Mt. Sims)[Warp Records, 2012]
07. Evala – Blink [Port, 2010]
08. Colin Stetson – Lord I Just Can’t Keep From Crying Sometimes [Constellation , 2011]
09. Rudi Arapahoe – Last Words Unspoken [Symbolic Interaction, 2008]
10. Maska Genetik – 100 Years Of Devastation [Galakthorrö, 2011]
11. Ersha – Secret Love To Cello [Unreleased]
12. Belong – Keep Still [Kranky, 2011]
13. Willits – We Are All Surrounded By Stars (Ersha Remix) [Overlap, 2012]
14. Corey Wakeling – Enthusiasm Revival [The Sound of the Black Rider, 2012]


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Black Rider Podcast 06 – forward slash launch

… and then the sixth instalment of the Black Rider Podcast.

This edition takes a detour from the soundtracks we’ve been publishing to bring you a live recording of the forward slash launch at the 2012 Poetry Symposium held at Deakin University a few weeks ago. You can listen to Corey Wakeling’s launch speech, followed by Duncan Hose and Michael Farrell reading some of their poems published in the journal.

Download the the live recording from (the download link is in the lower left corner after the jump).

Read the speech transcript.

Stream the gig here:

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Black Rider says thanks for the 25,000 listens

After putting out the recently brilliant BRP podcast 05, a live recording of Marcus Roloff’s German spoken word with the swooningly bright-eyed sounds played by Christian Löffler, and while I was setting up to record Corey Wakeling all lofi over the phone for BRP podcast 06, a quick tally showed:

The Sound of the Black Rider has had over 25,000 downloads and streams. (It’s closer to 27,000 but I rounded down.)

Ok, so, it’s irrelevant that compared with internet standards and stories of trillions of views on YouTube, this is a miniscule amount. We’re talking about lofi recordings of authors and poets reading their work. It’s poetry and fiction, you guys!

Also, we’re a micropress from Fremantle, Western Australia – publishing like thieves in the night. 25,000? 25,000!

For that, I say thank you.

To all of you who are reading, streaming, downloading, buying, and telling your friends about the Black Rider, thank you.

You’re the sweethearts who keep this all going. Thank you for having Black Rider in your life. Your kindness abounds.

The Sound of the Black Rider is made up of the Black Rider podcast, the Lyrics audio book series, the Garage Sessions and poets and authors reading their work at and PoetrySpeaks.

Look homeward, angels!

The Black Rider

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Black Rider Podcast 05 – Marcus Roloff and Christian Löffler

…and then the fifth instalment of the Black Rider Podcast.

This edition brings you a special live recording at Orange Peel as part of the Frankfurter Lyriktage 2011 with Marcus Roloff performing his poetry together with the sounds of Christian Löffler.

Friends, this is the good stuff! Marcus’ voice! Christian’s intricacies! There is much to swoon over. There is much to be joyful about.

Don’t worry if you don’t know German – just let the sounds and the cadence and resonance wash over you. Trust me, this is the real deal.

Marcus Roloff released his third collection of poetry im toten winkel des goldenen schnitts through Frankfurt’s gutleut verlag in 2011. He’s published with Black Rider and we’ve previously translated some of his work.

Christian Löffler is a producer and co-founder of Cologne’s Ki Records. He’s following up two recent EPs, Baltic Sea and Aspen, with his debut longplayer album A Forest on Ki Records to be released soon.

This podcast edition is stream only as Christian is playing many of his new tracks. You can find more from him on SoundCloud.

You can stream the Black Rider Podcast 05 below or on the Official.FM page.

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Black Rider Podcast 04 – Mixed by blkrdr

Artwork by Ryan Michael Swearingen

… and then the fourth instalment of the Black Rider Podcast.

A couple of years ago I’d drive out to Karen and Crispin’s house every Tuesday night. They’d converted their loungeroom into a studio and rehearsal space. This was just before Pacific by Rail recorded some songs there.

Those times were very special to me, playing music with Karen, Greg and Matt. I was and still am in awe of the music the make in their The Ghost of 29 Megacycles band. I listen to it a lot. I miss them terribly.

When Greg recently ok’d that I’d make a mix of his songs, I’d also had portions of a book of poems of mine appear in Yellow Field #4 out of Buffalo, New York. It was timely to include a reading of some of it in the mix.

I hope that anyone who listens to this mix falls just as madly in love with The Ghost of 29 Megacycles as I have been.

Download Black Rider Podcast 04 – Mixed by blkrdr

Or stream it here:

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