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Published in Yellow Field 4, Buffalo NY

The fourth issue of Buffalo NY-published Yellow Field journal, edited by Edric Mesmer, will feature a 10-page excerpt from my book wherein? he asks of memory.

Wanna get it? Send Edric an email at

Jeremy Balius – from wherein? he asks  of memory         
Evie Shockley – 2 poems
Scott McCarney – Facebookers
Andy Spragg – 3 poems from To Blart & Kid
Siobhan Hodge – Some works from the New Memoryism
KG Price – Departure
Tyrone Williams – The Green Bridge (1934-2001)                                                      
Amy Pence – 2 poems
Jo Cook – e(ye(s)ee) : eyght e’e writs
Adachi Tomomi – 5 Chinese characters for instruments
Drew Milne – Embrasures
Eric Selland – from Object States
Anne Reed – Dissections of Space: Spatializing Discourses on Art and Literature in the Land of a Thousand Lakes   
Mark Dickinson – Candice Ward: A Tribute Song


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The Moth storyteller Margot Leitman in Perth

Do you know Andrea Gibbs? No? Well you should get to know her.

Why? Because she is the bomb.

Andrea was out in New York researching the storytelling scene and studying with prize-winning Moth storyteller Margot Leitman. And now Andrea, together with the Blue Room Theatre, is bringing Margot out to Perth to hold Moth storytelling workshops.

Oh, the awesomeness!

Better sign up quick if you’re interested.

Here’s the official deets:

NYC storytelling comes to Perth

All the way from New York City award winning storyteller Margot Leitman (The Moth, Late Night with Conan O’Brien, Comedy Central, Upright Citizens Brigade) is holding a workshop series, exclusive to Perth, as part of The Blue Room Theatre’s Summer Nights.

If you are familiar with The Moth podcast that shares “true stories, told live, without notes”, you won’t want to miss this rare opportunity for a series of eight sessions with The Moth Grand Slam Winner Margot Leitman, teacher at New York’s top comedy school The Upright Citizen Brigade Theatre.

Everyone has a good story – whether it be humorous, painful, strange or mundane – but not all of us are good storytellers. With the help of an international leader in the field, learn how to polish and perfect your story to stand alone in a storytelling night or be part of a bigger solo work.

These workshops are open to everyone, not just performers, but will culminate in a performance during Summer Nights in February 2011 where you could be one of the first participants in BAREFACED, a fresh, new night of storytelling in Perth. Spots are limited and workshops are by application only – for more information or to apply call The Blue Room Theatre on 9227 7005 or email

Workshop Leader – Margot Leitman

After creating a storytelling program for Comix (, Margot quickly saw the demand for comedic storytelling and moved her program to The Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theatre. She has taught master classes to Ithaca College, San Francisco ComedyCollege, and regularly tutors a number of private clients. Television credits include: Late Night With Conan O’ Brien, Style Network, E!, Comedy Central and NBC Broadband. Margot’s monthly storytelling show Stripped Stories (co-hosted by Giulia Rozzi) has a cult following, described by as “humor, pathos, and mind-boggling anecdotes that will have you alternating between disbelief and empathy”. Margot has featured in Glamour magazine, and the books Fifty Dates Worse Than Yours and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Jokes. She has also written for NY Press and Playgirl Magazine.

Workshop Series Dates: JAN 17, 19, 21, 23, 25, 28, 30 & FEB 2 (8 sessions of 3hrs)

Afternoon: 1-4pm Evening: 6-9pm

Please note: you must choose either all afternoon sessions or evening sessions.

Cost: $400 Blue Room Theatre Members; $440 non-members

APPLICATIONS CLOSE: Friday 10 December 2010

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Droogs, daguerreotypes and the legend of Harvey Zucker

I’ve spent today conswirbled in thought after my friend Ryan Michael Swearingen documented the first day of a new friendship with New Yorkian photographer, typographer, daguerreotypist, photo historian, collector and entrepeneur behind A Photographer’s Place Harvey Zucker.

Conswirbled in préludes such that I pass this haunted tune along to you here.

Portrait of Harvey Zucker by Ryan Michael Swearingen (

Four préludes in a photographer’s place

For Harvey Zucker & Ryan Michael Swearingen

upon another & have understanding
beyond words  .mercury & silver on mind
, exhaling
vapours      memories      heady air heavy


invariably reveal  .invariably betray  .there
is disarmament  .gone was all hue of gum
in     a photographer’s    place


he went
out to be among his people   .didn’t bring
back what he saw  .brought back what we
^ needed
see    . never ashamed   .evenofshame


tales are
of anunjust world  .narrative assembly line
for one hundred years running   genealogy of
^ us   but
no          fog horn      whistle blows


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