Free chapbook: ‘the halation assembly kit’ by jeremy balius

the halation assembly kit is an English-language/German bilingual poetry chapbook.

I’ve published it here so you can download it for free.

The chapbook is after the light-sculptures of German artist Mischa Kuball and focuses on identity of the individual amid the fluidity of value and wealth, post-Global Financial Crisis and ongoing Eurozone Crisis.

It was Kuball who said “Every gesture in the city is political.” (“Jede Geste in der Stadt ist politisch.”)

My gratitude goes to Marcus Roloff whose light shines bright within the German translation in this chapbook.

Download the halation assembly kit 

If you want a printed copy of the chapbook, PM me on Facebook in the next couple of weeks.



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5 responses to “Free chapbook: ‘the halation assembly kit’ by jeremy balius

  1. jeremry,
    this nice feeling throughout. on a short reading i really liked 9 and ten. for the others, there are many small word games i am not sure i fully understand without my dic. I wil have to print it out.
    And I like the bi-lingual, the only other in my collection is from Paul Celan 😉

  2. gnunn

    Just about to print click and settle down with these JB.

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