Black Rider Podcast 08 – Mixed by blkrdr

Artwork by Matt Maust

…and then the eighth instalment of the Black Rider Podcast, a label mix of Perth’s TwiceRemoved Records as soundtrack to our nightly reading and morning train ride to work.

TwiceRemoved Records started toward the end of 2011 and in its first year already has an impressive release list with many to follow still in the remainder of 2012, including a new sub-label. TwiceRemoved is close to our hearts – putting out albums that are meaningful and valuable. This is the good stuff, friends!

Run by a total sweetheart, TwiceRemoved is a label which promotes art created by total sweethearts. Plus one of our fave local bands (These Ship Wrecks) has a beautiful album on TwiceRemoved.

Book-ended by recordings of poems by Sydney’s Astrid Lorange, this podcast showcases TwiceRemoved’s first seven releases and travels through ambient to drone to glitch to noise and back again through everything in between.

Now on with the sound of the Black Rider.

You can download or stream the podcast here. Tracklist and label stockists are below the player.


  1. Astrid Lorange – Lobe (The Sound of the Black Rider, 2012)
  2. Cycle~ 440 – Rumination (TwiceRemoved Records, 2012)
  3. Ryonkt – Troposphere Six (TwiceRemoved Records, 2012)
  4. K.Wilson – Otherworld (TwiceRemoved Records, 2012)
  5. Listening Mirror – Storm Train (TwiceRemoved Records, 2012)
  6. K.Wilson – Cove (TwiceRemoved Records, 2012)
  7. Ryonkt – Troposphere Three (TwiceRemoved Records, 2012)
  8. Craig McElhinney – Sore Loser (TwiceRemoved Records, 2011)
  9. These Ship Wrecks – Sun Scorchin’ (TwiceRemoved Records, 2012)
  10. These Ship Wrecks – Marching Song (TwiceRemoved Records, 2012)
  11. Ryonkt – Troposphere Five (TwiceRemoved Records, 2012)
  12. Cycle~ 440 – Figures of Decay (TwiceRemoved Records, 2012)
  13. Astrid Lorange – Tiny Living Mirrors (The Sound of the Black Rider, 2012)

TwiceRemoved Records can be connected with on:

Stockists include:



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3 responses to “Black Rider Podcast 08 – Mixed by blkrdr

  1. jeff

    Thanks for including one of my tracks in this excellent selection, although I’d like to point out that ‘Storm Train’ is the name of the track, not the artist 🙂
    All the best

    Jeff (Listening Mirror)

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