Black Rider Podcast 07 – Mixed by Ersha

… and then the seventh instalment of the Black Rider Podcast, a special soundtrack mixed by Ersha.

Ersha is Tadas Maksimovas, a music producer and live sound sculptor from Lithuania.

His music is distinguished for its wide-as-mist atmospheres which sink in perpetual echo of consonance. Combining field recordings, synthesizers, playful effects, cinematic sound fragments and vocals, Ersha’s music vibrates like a space language.

Book-ended by two spoken word recordings by Melbourne’s Corey Wakeling, Ersha’s edition of the podcast is a journey through various kinds of ambient, including unreleased tracks and remixes by Ersha himself.

Now on with the sound of the Black Rider.

You can download or stream Ersha’s mix here. Tracklist is below the player.

01. Corey Wakeling – The Percussion of Patience [The Sound of the Black Rider, 2012]
02. Ersha – Sence [Unreleased]
03. Listening Mirror ft. Birds Of Passage – Silent Night [Hibernate Records, 2011]
04. Port-Royal – Ernst Bloch [n5MD, 2011]
05. The Picturesque Episodes – Tokyo Pulse [Hope For Japan, 2011]
06. Leila – In Consideration (feat. Mt. Sims)[Warp Records, 2012]
07. Evala – Blink [Port, 2010]
08. Colin Stetson – Lord I Just Can’t Keep From Crying Sometimes [Constellation , 2011]
09. Rudi Arapahoe – Last Words Unspoken [Symbolic Interaction, 2008]
10. Maska Genetik – 100 Years Of Devastation [Galakthorrö, 2011]
11. Ersha – Secret Love To Cello [Unreleased]
12. Belong – Keep Still [Kranky, 2011]
13. Willits – We Are All Surrounded By Stars (Ersha Remix) [Overlap, 2012]
14. Corey Wakeling – Enthusiasm Revival [The Sound of the Black Rider, 2012]


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