Black Rider Podcast 06 – forward slash launch

… and then the sixth instalment of the Black Rider Podcast.

This edition takes a detour from the soundtracks we’ve been publishing to bring you a live recording of the forward slash launch at the 2012 Poetry Symposium held at Deakin University a few weeks ago. You can listen to Corey Wakeling’s launch speech, followed by Duncan Hose and Michael Farrell reading some of their poems published in the journal.

Download the the live recording from (the download link is in the lower left corner after the jump).

Read the speech transcript.

Stream the gig here:

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One response to “Black Rider Podcast 06 – forward slash launch

  1. Corey Wakeling

    Astrid: I pronounce about every possible permutation of your surname in the heat of the moment, thusly swallowed by The Ear.
    Kemeny: I never did get confirmation on the adequate pronunciation of your surname, apologies profuse!

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