KSP reviews Black Rider

KSP posted some reviews in their April 2012 newsletter. Thanks Rose and Mardi – your kindness abounds.

Meet the Poet

By Rose van Son

On Monday, 12th March, 2012, KSP audience members were treated to a spellbinding session of performance poetry and discussion by Emerging Writer-in-Residence, Jeremy Balius. Although born in the US and spending much of his formative years in Germany and Los Angeles, Balius has lived in Fremantle for the past seven years. He is caretaker of Black Rider Press.

An excellent communicator, Balius held the audience in awe with his strong poetry, crystallised performance readings and insightful philosophies and perceptions of his poetry and what poetry could be. His connection with the audience and their questions was at once thoughtprovoking and confronting. His background information and incredible research for his poems were informative and humbling.

Balius’ passions for language and philosophy are evident in his poetry, his readings and his art. He understands the balance of words and symbols – where they go and what they do to excite, cast shadow, reveal. His poetry leaves much scope for the reader to add meaning and to wonder poetry’s power and resonance.

Balius’ publication wherein? he asks of memory by Knives Forks and Spoons Press, UK, is both an aural and visual feast. He is unafraid to use language, and not just the English language, bilaterally, to at once tie, separate and propel the text.

Balius will soon be published in the Fremantle Press Performance Poets series publication to be accompanied by a CD.

As he writes in a line from Of the fifth consideration: ‘Explanations are never sufficient’ – the audience that sultry Monday afternoon, was left, having gained so much, wanting more.

(Rose van Son’s collection of poetry (Labyrinth) has recently been published in Sandfire by Sunline Press, Jan, 2012)


The Power of Place

By Mardi May

Jeremy Balius, our Emerging Writer-in-Residence, knows the importance of place or setting in a story, and how this influences the lives of people and characters.

American by birth and raised in Germany, Jeremy met an Aussie girl and Fremantle has claimed him for the last seven years.

Currently working on a novel set in Fremantle, Jeremy is also a poet of some standing in the Perth poetry community. Influenced by the American experience and the expressiveness of the German language, his poetic style flows into the prose of his novel.

As our guest at Past Tense, he read excerpts from his current work and we discussed areas relevant to our own writing projects. In his demonstration of the power of performance, we learned much about presentation and will endeavour to convey this in our readings on Open Day.

Thank you, Jeremy, from Past Tense, for your generosity in sharing your time and knowledge with us.



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3 responses to “KSP reviews Black Rider

  1. Yes to everything written; all hail the Black Rider.

  2. gnunn

    So great reading this JB, keep spreading the love,

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