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“A forward slash / can be a substitute for a line break/ pause/ fracture in thought./ A forward slash / can break a word/ divide alternatives/ either/or. A forward slash is playful as the poet’s words/ skirts the border between letter / line./ A forward slash is furtive/ tempting/ mysterious./ In this first of many issues, forward slash celebrates the written word through the vision/s of seven innovative poets/mischievous word-players/from Australia/Canada/ who share/ revel in the ‘habitat’ of language.” – Jessica Wilkinson, Editor of Rabbit Poetry

“In showcasing seven of the most exciting writers either side of the Pacific, this collection demonstrates just how strikingly resonant Australian and Canadian contemporary poetries are in challenging pretexts of language, nation, and the interior.  Here we have undressed affect, meddlesome crossings of intimate and ideological landscapes, and ebullient spurs against aesthetic and political complacency.  It is, in short, redactive iridescence.” – Ann Vickery

“At a time the term ‘innovation’ has become very much a part of the jargon of business and capitalism, the editors of forward slash attempt to reclaim its disruptive, discomforting potential. There is nothing anaesthetically or conceptually comforting or lyrical about any of the poems published in forward slash: here Duncan Hose unleashes the “blackbirds squalling in your pants”; Michael Farrell finds himself “fretting, frediting, freaking, fumbling”; a. rawlings howls “wolves! wolves! wolves!”; Louis Armand illustrates “the destruction of form”; Kemeny Babineau celebrates “the death of the sonnet”; Astrid Lorange enjoys “illegal working the dirt speaking”; and Jay Millar “bounces off an influential object in the sky”. A vibrant  dose of dispruption.” – Ali Alizadeh

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  1. Nicola Themistes

    a forward slash allows me to shamelessly plug // // this is a very nice site indeed 🙂 //

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