Published in Yellow Field 4, Buffalo NY

The fourth issue of Buffalo NY-published Yellow Field journal, edited by Edric Mesmer, will feature a 10-page excerpt from my book wherein? he asks of memory.

Wanna get it? Send Edric an email at

Jeremy Balius – from wherein? he asks  of memory         
Evie Shockley – 2 poems
Scott McCarney – Facebookers
Andy Spragg – 3 poems from To Blart & Kid
Siobhan Hodge – Some works from the New Memoryism
KG Price – Departure
Tyrone Williams – The Green Bridge (1934-2001)                                                      
Amy Pence – 2 poems
Jo Cook – e(ye(s)ee) : eyght e’e writs
Adachi Tomomi – 5 Chinese characters for instruments
Drew Milne – Embrasures
Eric Selland – from Object States
Anne Reed – Dissections of Space: Spatializing Discourses on Art and Literature in the Land of a Thousand Lakes   
Mark Dickinson – Candice Ward: A Tribute Song


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2 responses to “Published in Yellow Field 4, Buffalo NY

  1. You are hitting it our of the park JB,

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