The Garage Sessions #3 – tomorrow’s machine today #1 by Emma Davidson

When I’m not doing so hot, I usually wind up in an art gallery.

I was at PICA yesterday and ran into Anna Dunnill who works there. Turns out the cool kids from Perth Zine Distro have a residency at PICA at the moment and I scored T.Fid’s new graphic novel about G.Taw and the Zine Wolf (which I’ve already read three times – it’s the best – “Teen Wolf will teach you about life in an hour and a half.” – best quote ever – we once hung it up on the wall at a Cottonmouth gig and not a single person said anything, except for Li’l Leonie, who knows with me that all things T.Fid and G.Taw are transcendent), a couple chapbooks from Mar Bucknell (who I think basically owns over all of us put together – he really is the real deal) and a stack of other DIY stuff, like Emma Davidson’s Nearly Healthy zine and both of her tomorrow’s machine today zines.

tomorrow’s machine today rules, my friends. This is exactly the kind of sweetheart stuff we need in our lives at the moment.

Emma said:

The idea initially was to pick a song or musical encounter that has influenced her in some way and to write about that, but as this is the first issue it remains to be seen whether it will continue in that vein. This issue’s about hearing songs by US punk bands like DKs and Black Flag for the first time via the unexpected educational portals of Dolly and Girlfriend magazines.

You can order it from Emma & Tim’s zine distro Take Care Zines. It costs 50 cents.

Ok, so I hope Emma doesn’t get super bummed at me, but I was so bowled over by it that I recorded an audio zine of it for the Garage Sessions series.

You can download me reading tomorrow’s machine today #1 (by Emma Davidson) or stream it below.



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5 responses to “The Garage Sessions #3 – tomorrow’s machine today #1 by Emma Davidson

  1. Really enjoyed you reading.

  2. hell man, this is the stuff!

  3. You can also buy it (& more of Emma’s zines) from – they’ll be up on the website soon.

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