Black Rider Podcast 03 – Mixed by blkrdr

Photo by Danny Khoo

…and then the third installment of the Black Rider podcast, the soundtrack to our nightly readings and bleary-eyed train rides to work.

Podcast 03 is mixed by yours truly under a new moniker as blkrdr.

This mix came together while squashed in a tin can flying into the night headwinds over the Nullarbor on the way back to Perth from Sydney.

Bookended by Matthew Hall reading from his new chapbook ‘Royal Jelly’ recently released on Black Rider Press, this short li’l mix floats through solo piano, electro-acoustic, ambient and neoclassical. Check the tracklist below.

Download the Black Rider Podcast 03 – Mixed by blkrdr

Or stream it here:


Matthew Hall – Royal Jelly 1
Matthew Hall – Royal Jelly 2
Ben Woods – A Calm Yet Determined Wind
Ambienteer – Luminous
Geotic – Get Held
Ólafur Arnalds – 3055
The Music Tapes – Kolyada No. 2
Marc Doudin – Fragile (Revisited)
Frakkur – Bjalla
Frakkur – Summer
GAS – Untitled (Nah und Fern)
Carlos Cipa – In Place of Anger
Matthew Hall – Royal Jelly 10

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