Dawn Falsely Observed: Claire Potter diagramitises Matthew Hall

Claire Potter diagramitises for Black Rider Press 2011.

Matthew Hall’s poem ‘Dawn Falsely Observed’ was commended for the 2010 Tom Collins Poetry Prize.

In the Judge’s Report, Claire writes:

‘Dawn Falsely Observed’, by Matthew Hall, is a 16 line prose poem in quatrains with an elegant title. The unassuming poem stood out for its technique – ‘the betrothed ridge/Cuts a copper mouth against the sky’ – and follows a ‘wanderer’s’ point of view, ‘mnemonically over the flesh-borne earth’, reminiscent of the wanderings of Ralph Waldo Emerson. The direct language of the last stanza is grounded in the familial: ‘The salvific trace of my daughter’s steps/Over the blooded tongues of the rhododendron’ and the poem culminates in, and extends, the child’s movement with its absence of punctuation. Rhythm in the poem is mesmerising and words fit together like a jigsaw:  ‘Where day is gravid with birdsong/Breasting the air with our gait’.

Claire will be featured soon in the ‘Kickin’ it with …’ series here on Am I the Black Rider? Yes. where we’ll discuss diagramitising and the whole kit’n’kaboodle.


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2 responses to “Dawn Falsely Observed: Claire Potter diagramitises Matthew Hall

  1. gnunn

    Man, this is something else… I have been like a spider going back and back and back to this and each time something else reveals itself in the web.

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