Of war and peace, the truth it twists

The seafaring Words@Deakin folk who publish the zine Windmills included my poem ‘Of’ in their fifth edition. I have no idea where the zine can be found, but it’s out there, somewhere.

It’s about the old country.


Back home
in Germany
they say every thought
contains everything &
everything gone
before it:

brought home
from the war
were appropriated
by grandmother
into her own
Earthen truths
of timeless

Serve tea
as unerring
as the dart
of Procris.

Take time
to knit
the pardoner’s

The best
come from
the old boys’ net.

ever remembers
The Cabinet
of Dr Caligari.

It was German,
but maybe
not of.
Not like me.
I am

Photo by Ryan Michael Swearingen http://www.myeyemachine.com


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One response to “Of war and peace, the truth it twists

  1. Great words JB, and fantastic to share pages with you again. Windmills can be ordered through http://www.deakin.edu.au/arts-ed/communication/literary/words-at-deakin/

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