Allison Browning curates Culturehall with a ferocious love

Fog, 2003, Donna Bailey, Out Back - Culturehall

My dear friend Allison Browning was recently nominated as having written one of the best poems of Australia in 2010, as indicated by her inclusion in the aptly titled 2010 Best Australian Poetry Anthology.  Like a boss.

Meanwhile down the street and around the corner, Alli curated an edition titled Out Back as part of Culturehall, a curated online resource for contemporary art.

In her introductory essay, Alli writes:

The red earth of Australia’s outback has the ability to sear the heart – branding it, creating ownership. The land there, out back, contains some kind of potent magic—beautiful and painful at the same time. Tourists know mostly of its raw beauty, the things contained in travel magazines – pictures of fresh water gorges, burnt orange earth, and open terrain. Australians who live in the outback know that the land is God. With its intense fluctuations, the land is the dictator of outcomes and lives, not those who toil it.

Now go soak up some Out Back at Culturehall.



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4 responses to “Allison Browning curates Culturehall with a ferocious love

  1. We’re very happy with Allison’s feature and so proud her accomplishment with the poetry anthology.

    Go Allison!

  2. amanda Joy

    nice share! You’re a super pointer outer! thanks Jeremy!

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