Verity La gets to know the Black Rider

Literary recreants - by Danny Khoo

Brazenly seductive, new online journal Verity La has been wooing us all with forward-thinking stories and poems by many of my favourite contemporary poets and authors here in Australia.  Taking the time to get to know these literary cats is where Verity La really puts its ear to the virtual soil.

Co-editor Alec Patric is so punk rock he contumeliously published my dusty hinterland villanelle narrative Gather Darkness! and play your songs of heartache.

In Associations, Patric gets to the bottom of translating, filtering and decoding communication, so he only lets me answer his questions with quotes from others.

For example:

Using a quote from your favourite poet, tell me the secret to your soul.


the dew
the boy’s soul
is luminous

the wisdom
from finger
through finger

the plant
makes its own little sun
for us
a big drop in the ocean

hope is a transparent mirror
— Amber Fresh, excerpted from It’s the same thing again

Strange enough without shadows.
— Amanda Joy, Vasilissa’s Doll



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4 responses to “Verity La gets to know the Black Rider

  1. Hey Jeremy,
    Your villanelle (or should I say villianelle?) is one heck of an achievement. Did it take long to craft?

  2. amanda Joy

    ha! perfick!

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