Inducted into the Deutsches Literaturarchiv

The Deutsches Literaturarchiv (German Literature Archive) recently contacted English-language / German (and occasionally Spanish) multi-lingual online literary and art journal regal 8 // shelf 8 with a proposal to permanently and independently archive the journal for its literary and artistic merit.

The process of induction into the archive has commenced.  Christoph Lebies will not be happy when he finds out.

Located in Marbach am Neckar in Baden-Württemberg, the Deutsches Literaturarchiv awesomely describes itself as:

Das Deutsche Literaturarchiv Marbach ist eine der bedeutendsten Literaturinstitutionen weltweit. In seinen Sammlungen vereinigt und bewahrt es eine Fülle kostbarster Quellen der Literatur- und Geistesgeschichte. Es dient der Literatur, der Bildung und der Forschung.


The German Literature Archive Marbach is the most important literary institution in the world.  Its collections bring together and store a wealth of the most valuable wells of literary and cultural history.   Its purpose is for literature, research and development.

Note: Geistesgeschichte is untranslatable.  It’s a branch of study on the undercurrents of cultural manifestations, within a people’s history, that are specific to a period of time.  Blam!  So awesome.

The best in the world!  A wealth of wells!  These guys don’t mess around.  And neither should we.

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