Deep-sea diving in the wisdom of Scott-Patrick Mitchell

I got to spend a lot of time hanging out with fellow Black Rider and Cottonmouther, not to mention homme-extraordinaire, Scott-Patrick Mitchell in Melbourne recently as we strutted the literary catwalk and flaunted our wares.

Scott-Patrick penned a poetical collection titled {where n equals} a determinacy of poetry and is included alongside collections by James Quinton and Emma Rooksby in Fremantle Press’ first edition of their New Poets series.

It’s no secret that Scott-Patrick’s poetry bowls me over; so much so I performed some of it in Melbourne.

Freo Press interviewed Scott-Patrick on their blog and he’s got some great things to say.

He also kindly sent the Black Rider a hat tip along with Gabby Everall, Amber Fresh, Lily Chan, Bec Giggs, Allan Boyd, Kevin Gillam and more.  Thanks Scott-Patrick!  Your kindness abounds.

Now go dive into some SPM wisdom!

Fremantle Press interview with Scott-Patrick Mitchell

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One response to “Deep-sea diving in the wisdom of Scott-Patrick Mitchell

  1. gnunn

    SPM sure does bring the wisdom. His ‘songs for the ordinary mass’ is something I recommend everyone dive in to.

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