Introducing the Black Rider Lines

Cover of The Diamond & the Thief - September 09 edition. Photo by Danny Khoo.

… so if you’ve come this far, you’re probably exactly like me – digging deep in the back of decrepit used bookstores, or squinting in the low-lit, forgotten section of libraries, with dusty fingers searching, always searching.

Thanks for digging deeper!

The Black Rider Lines

The original plan was to have a separate Black Rider Lines blog, but that, as most things, didn’t go as planned.   So the Lines get laid out here.  So it goes.

See, the Black Rider authors & poets do knowledge like rodeo clowns – they seem outta control with faces painted silly & big ole floppy shoes, but they’re actually the hardest cats out on the sawdust. I’ve asked them to teach us stuff, so they’re penning some coolness for the Lines.

Within the Lines you’ll find variety – anything from author interviews to field notes, from oral history to tall & short tales of writing successes & disasters, & a whole lot more.

Look homeward, angels!



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3 responses to “Introducing the Black Rider Lines

  1. nice..
    looking forward to read that
    and more

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