Stylus Poetry Journal Issue 37 – Street/Life

Another Lost Shark, aka Graham Nunn, aka the G.Nunn, aka mystic journeyman on a slow train, guest edited the thirty-seventh issue of Stylus Poetry Journal.

Boldly defying technical difficulties, this edition appears burnt onto the cedars of the Another Lost Shark website while/until Stylus recuperates.

Themed Street/Life, G.Nunn explains the background forewording with:

In 2004, I traveled to Bali for the inaugural Ubud Readers and Writers Festival. It was a life changing experience for me. A question that has resonated deep in the cavity of my chest since returning from that trip was asked of me at the airport as I waited to board the plane home: “Why in your country do you not see people out talking on the street?”

G.Nunn knocked on the doors of Amanda Joy, Andy Jackson, Ashley Capes, Emily XYZ, Hinemoana Baker, Jacqueline Turner, Jessika Tong, Matt Rader, Max Ryan, Steve Kilbey, Suzanne Jackson and myself for poems that

stepped out from behind the eyes of the onlooker and inhabited the street, poems that blended the high and low cultural registers that the street has to offer, poems that captured the voice of street life.And each poet has answered the call…

When G.Nunn came a-knockin’. I wrote We’re the William St Brigade for him, as well as dusted off a 7 year old poem from my Berlin days called Oh Weary Night (in response to Bob Dylan’s liner notes in Highway 61 Revisited) that had no home until now.

G.Nunn aptly sums up this Stylus edition with:

These streets are living, breathing organisms possessed by a spirit of their own. I welcome you to suspend reality for a while and take a walk with me, to open yourself to Street/Life, to experience the elegance and decay, the beauty and the slaughter… you never know, you might come back changed.

Go drink a heart-felt sip of darkly-felt truth from the Stylus Poetry Journal #37 – Street/Life.



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3 responses to “Stylus Poetry Journal Issue 37 – Street/Life

  1. gnunn

    JB, The William Street Brigade is one of the highlights of the issue and sits so beautifully alongside your response to Bobby’s Highway 61 liner notes… it reads like a column of air.

  2. What makes poetry so wonderful is the fact that it involves all of life, every concern, every desire, and every feeling. If something has some great significance to a person’s existence, then it has a great significance in poetry as well.

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