Droogs, daguerreotypes and the legend of Harvey Zucker

I’ve spent today conswirbled in thought after my friend Ryan Michael Swearingen documented the first day of a new friendship with New Yorkian photographer, typographer, daguerreotypist, photo historian, collector and entrepeneur behind A Photographer’s Place Harvey Zucker.

Conswirbled in préludes such that I pass this haunted tune along to you here.

Portrait of Harvey Zucker by Ryan Michael Swearingen (www.myeyemachine.com)

Four préludes in a photographer’s place

For Harvey Zucker & Ryan Michael Swearingen

upon another & have understanding
beyond words  .mercury & silver on mind
, exhaling
vapours      memories      heady air heavy


invariably reveal  .invariably betray  .there
is disarmament  .gone was all hue of gum
in     a photographer’s    place


he went
out to be among his people   .didn’t bring
back what he saw  .brought back what we
^ needed
see    . never ashamed   .evenofshame


tales are
of anunjust world  .narrative assembly line
for one hundred years running   genealogy of
^ us   but
no          fog horn      whistle blows


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4 responses to “Droogs, daguerreotypes and the legend of Harvey Zucker

  1. love it jeremy. pass the torch of piercing connectivity as we sail it’s continuity. with awe…

  2. Such an excellent post…thanks every so much for sharing it.

  3. carolyn swift

    Hi, I worked for Harvey in the sixties as a babysitter for his son and daughter and also as a waitress in his “fish and chips” shop on Sullivan St. Would love to reconnect. Can you help? My email is cswift36@gmail.com .Sincerely Carolyn Swift.

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