When we heard music for broken instruments coming from the gypsy camp

If A.S. Patric‘s ever backed into a corner, you know damn well the Black Rider’s got his back.  ‘Cause when Patric says “then you can look at the whales and smile knowingly / be an expert on why they insist on beaching / themselves / just when you were about to relax / and have a daydream / about daydreaming”, there’s nothing left to do but live wide-eyed and brazen and to raise our glasses and pledge love and loyalty to each other.

A.S. Patric – Music for Broken Instruments (Black Rider Press)             coming soon

“Music for Broken Instruments is absorbing with its filaments of churning lullabies all prime and lucid thread amongst the many poetic harmonics. Byron wrote, ‘Music arose with its voluptuous swell’, an apt description of the poems within.”
* * * * *
“There is music here for those of us yawning at life, at the monotonous construction and collapse of each day. For those of us uncertain, feeling ‘a little Spiderman lost in Gotham’. This is A.S. Patric hitting notes and chords a broken instrument might believe, offering poems rich in image, sound and rhythm, even distortion. He admits to the days that are only for bearing and reminds us to keep a window open just enough for a paper plane to sneak through or for a small bang theory, though ‘Truth rides a horse with one blind eye’.”
* * * * *
“Music for Broken Instruments is a welcome shock. Determined and inventive, Patric’s poetry demands that the reader think about and question their world, all the while catching us up in language that is like the sea, dark and wild one moment, measured and beautiful the next.”
* * * * *
“Alec Patric’s book of poetry, Music for Broken Instruments, reminded me that poetry is fun. It’s been a long time since I felt that about a bit of present-day poetry. We’re all so bloody serious, striving to be smart and innovative. Alec reminded me that that this is perhaps best achieved without trying; or, better still, whilst giving the impression of not trying. And this is not a small thing: you could almost say that, as far as the history of poetry goes, he achieves the ultimate aim. ‘The art is to hide the art’.”
* * * * *
“A.S. Patric strikes a chord in this brave and powerful first collection. Music for Broken Instruments is a sequence of poems that creates a fabulous narrative, or journey perhaps, offering people we know, people we don’t want to admit we know, people we don’t want to talk about, and people we don’t want to admit we might be.”


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5 responses to “When we heard music for broken instruments coming from the gypsy camp

  1. Mark William Jackson

    First Alec, now you, these tantric posts are killing me!

  2. We will indeed raise our glasses Mr Black Rider and we will say cheers to the storm that breaks at dawn / to the wakening noise that it makes / the sound of a drunken orchestra warming up their instruments and suddenly getting very sober / while we rhapsodise and dance across the wine dark seas. Cheers.

  3. gnunn

    Can’t wait to have these lucid words, lighting up my skull.

  4. I agree – and it’s well worth having simply for the ‘meaning of a dream’ alone!

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