On the far side of the Cadillac Desert with dead poetry


The cats over at Cordite recently published a conversation between Ashley Capes and Graham Nunn titled “The Death of Poetry in Australian Classrooms“.

The best part is that it’s two poets just talking.  And it’s not lamenting the death of whatever, it’s trying to present solutions.  Sustainable and real solutions.  Which makes for a long read, so I’ll keep mine short to buy you more time to read their article.

The coolest is a haiku written by one of Capes’ Year 9 students (and how it functions in the argument being made in the article).

crippled foot
I remain ignorant
and love trampolines

Note: The reference in the title to Joe R Lansdale’s story only makes sense if you know Cordite’s current issue has a zombie theme.  It’s not a Tom Robbins psilocybic misadventure.


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2 responses to “On the far side of the Cadillac Desert with dead poetry

  1. Thanks, Jeremy! It was amazing to do, and working with Graham is always great, we pushed each other and went all over the place, really glad you enjoyed it.

    And that haiku, I was so happy when I first saw it!

  2. gnunn

    The fact that it is (I hope it continues) a discussion is for me what gives it the necessary kick. And that haiku… such innocent wisdom.

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