Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow

Jeanne and Alain met at
the Fleetwood Mac concert
in Sydney ’72, joking with
ironical smiles in the
months thereafter that

‘Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow’

was their song –
a shelving of the first
sentimental anecdote
in case it all panned out
for the long haul –
and their relationship

went on to unwittingly
mirror the turmoil
of the band
over the years.

It was during
a period of upheaval
that this poem
was written.


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7 responses to “Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow

  1. Mark William Jackson

    This is fantastic Jeremy, I love the way that it fluidly loops back on itself.

  2. gnunn

    This feels like it is part of some greater narrative… and indeed there should be more poems written about Fleetwood Mac.

    • and since you know the story of the band, you can already play out the narrative in your dream. agreed on the F.Mac and all of its varying band line-ups requiring more poetical coverage. let’s call it “Sisters of the Moon – The Life and Times of Rhiannon”.

      • gnunn

        now that would make for a very cool project… a chapbook of poems dedicated to the plight of dear Rhiannon. enough to make any Mac fan salivate.

  3. Hey Jeremy,

    Great poem – this especially

    ‘a shelving of the first
    sentimental anecdote
    in case it all panned out
    for the long haul -‘

    I like, a really well-observed piece of behaviour you’ve captured; our ability to be selective with moments, objects and songs etc and what they mean or might mean

    • cheers Ash. it’s almost like a hyper-kinetic over-the-top Projective Verse Black Mountain steez, so that the whole poem itself kick starts a story that you can more or less know in its entirety because the right metaphor (F.Mac) and the right description (what you just quoted) give you some parameters without telling any of the story

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