Bush Jelly, WA

Early Western Australian settlers used to boil a type of red seaweed (Betaphycus speciosum) to make jelly.  They called it bush jelly.  You can find a recipe in a Bush Book called Marine Plants of the Perth Region, though I don’t recommend trying to eat it.  Or so I hear…

Unrelated, although also totally related, there’s a current debate in WA’s Wheatbelt regarding the increasing salinity in the soil.  Some farmers are proposing converting wheat farms into seaweed farms, which thrive in high saline areas.  Seaweed is a multi-billion dollar global industry.

The idea of seaweed in the Wheatbelt is so fabulously outrageous, that I wrote about it.

Bush Jelly, WA found a home in the equally fabulously-titled journal “Landscapes Vol 3 Issue 2 Summer 2009 ‘Hydrobotanica’ – The Journal of the International Centre for Landscape and Language at Edith Cowan University”.

Here’s Bush Jelly, WA


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