Sphere – Discover the Heart

My week-long performance season as part of Sphere kicks off tonight.

Sphere is the new production by WA’s contemporary dance company Visible Dance.  Patroned by The Right Honourable The Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi, Visible Dance has some pretty awesome objectives:

  • to put on creatively progressive and exciting contemporary dance productions and then go out and preach the gospel of dance to the unconverted, and
  • to provide a platform for graduates of the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts to earn a living from dance in WA.  It’s pretty common for WAAPA graduates to have to move the East Coast, to Europe or the USA to make any kind of money.

It’s this vision and these goals of Visible Dance’s managing director Jeremy Phillips that I’m passionate about supporting.  Count me among the converted disciples.

I had the fortunate opportunity to spend the last couple months working with Visible Dance, creating a storyline with them and then writing a script for them.  For the show I’ve taken on the roll of the Chorus, narrating the dance and providing back story and insight into how to interpret some of the movement.  All in spoken word.

Jeremy P also shares similar views with me on instigating new dialogues between different artistic mediums, so in addition to the spoken word and dance, I’ve also written a suite of poems printed in the program to complement the story, to make it personal for the audience member and to just plain “do more” than audiences usually get.  This was a concept we hmmmed and ahhhhd over for a while since it needed to be poetry written for readers who may not be exposed to a lot of contemporary poetry.  I’ll show you some once I have a copy of the program.

The soundtrack, written by Cloud Kollektiv and Turn, is awesome as well.

Back story: I performed spoken word with Visible Dance in 2008 as part of a show called Reaction.

Visible Dance’s invitation:

“Sphere is an exploration of our planet and of our selves through contemporary dance. Hold on tight while you’re guided on a tumultuous journey down through the layers of the Earth, into strange worlds down into the climactic molten core, the heart of it all.

Featuring a cast of fourteen amazing WAAPA dance graduates, Sphere is choreographed by Stephanie Tulloch, Kylie Murray, Peter Fares and Lucy Sedlacek.”

Where: Quarry Amphitheatre – Waldron Drv, City Beach

When: 7:00pm 24-26 March 2010

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One response to “Sphere – Discover the Heart

  1. Jeremy,

    This is truly an inspirational collaboration. I have loved reading through the program you sent over but it has also made me ache a little ion the inside that I did not get the full visual and physical experience. Any chance of this touring? I would be there in a flash, leading a band of merry artists!

    Looking forward to seeing where the blog takes you,

    G. Nunn

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